I have learned that one never knows what will happen when the college experience begins anew in a life…What friends will be made, what will be my area of study, will I meet the love of my life????

When I graduated from high school in Atlanta, GA, in May 1976, I chose Tennessee Tech University because I heard it was a good school and I loved the rolling hills of Tennessee. You see, most of my family, including my Dad, attended a small school in East Tennessee called Carson Newman College. Being the 5th of six children, I took many trips there to deposit my older sibs to their new residence halls in TN. I am sure I spent hours in the back seat of a wood-paneled station wagon, gazing from the car window, at the rolling hills. Thus, the start of my love affair with the bucolic rolling hills of Tennessee, and later, a decision to attend a school there in 1976.

I attended TTU for two years before transferring to University of Georgia where I did end up meeting the love of my life on a blind date…but that is another story for another day!

The experience of sorority rush, was one I was told, I did not want to miss. Even if I did not choose to pledge a particular sorority, I would have the opportunity to meet a lot of different girls as I went through the week of rush.
So, I found myself in the midst of rush in no time flat…The sisters of Alpha Delta Pi chose me and I felt most comfortable with them, so it was a fit for both of us.
This is where I met eight friends that know me through and through, & love me still!
Aside from the fact that we all went to college together, our solid tradition started after Kay’s wedding in December 1978. The rest of us (not Kay because she was on her honeymoon!!!) gathered at Kelly’s childhood home, in Tullahoma, TN, for a sleepover and gift exchange. We had such a grand time, we said…”We must do this again!” and we did…for the next 30 + years, never missing a year…INCREDIBLE, countless memories along the way!!!
We have alternated meeting in different homes through the years. Delo consistently brings the candy cane cookies, Kelly, the sticky buns, Deb, the homemade pound cake, Kay, the chex mix with M & Ms, Jo Ann, the chicken salad and pimento cheese, Becky, the paper goods and sliced bread, ’cause she doesn’t love to cook, and Leslie, the chips, dips and other delightful snacks for the same reason! I always bring the rich creme de menthe brownies and Susan brings the white chocolate peppermint candy and the cucumber spread. What a spread and a time of fellowship we have shared through the years !

A few years ago, we, the nine of us, took a trip to New York City to commemorate our 30th reunion!

All together, we have given birth to 16 incredible children.

Our group encompasses the careers of business, finance, nursing and education.

Most importantly, we all share a common faith and we share prayer concerns from year to year…We offer prayer support to one another through each year…And yes, thanks to Becky and Debby, the only actual sisters in our group, we have matching flannel gowns, videos and photo scrapbooks to share with our families!

In reading this, perhaps you might be inclined to share this with some young woman that is in your life…help her to see that she, too, can have a similar invaluable friend experience while she is in college.

You never know…

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