October Musings

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”  Dr. Seuss
“You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.”  George Burns
As a now 60-year-old girl, my life these days is full of musings.  I am sure this has a lot to do with more than six decades of living gone by, with a variety of sweet memories and sad remembrances.  A musing is defined as a period of reflection and thought.
 “October is the one month when temperatures moderate in the daytime and invigorate us in the evening.  This month and change in the weather is conducive to reflective thought, exhilarating exercise, outdoor labor, charitable endeavor, courtships and pleasant romps with babies and small children.” ~Russell Baker, NYTimes, Ode to October~
 Just sitting still for a few minutes on this beautiful October day, my mind wanders back to when our children were small and there was little time to be still and dream.  Life was all a whirlwind, active and full.
Leah and Walker 1992.
Our life today, though definitely different, is just as much fun, but only if my husband and I make a conscious effort for it to be so.   As true empty nesters, we prepare light evening meals to share followed by a 40 minute walk in our neighborhood or at nearby Kennesaw Mountain. We both enjoy the football season, time with friends,  frequent visits to nearby Blue Ridge Lake, and we’re now planning more visits than ever to St. Louis.  This weekend we will join our long-time friends, Kelly and Paul Read, along with many others to participate in the 4th Annual “Rails To River” Taylor Read Memorial Bike Ride. Riding eight miles from the trailhead in Abingdon, VA, we will end up at Taylor’s Shelter from the Storms of Life. A shelter, designed by Taylor’s sis, Megan, that is like no other. We always love celebrating Taylor’s life well lived in early October.
With this new season, we are grateful to have one grandchild nearby, Tripp Andrews (now nearly a six-week-old) and Elizabeth Page, who lives with her parents in Missouri (now nearly one month old).
With this new season upon us, we are reminded once again how swiftly the seasons go by.
Both our daughter and our son married high school best friends in 2014, and now both families have grown to include a tiny baby. While our son, Walker and his bride live more than 500 miles away, our daughter, Leah and her husband are nearby.  We will celebrate Leah’s 30th birthday this Monday, October 8th! Life is Good. Just as we started our lives as a young family more than 36 years ago, the four of them are beginning theirs.
The beat goes on…
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3 thoughts on “October Musings”

  1. Love this post Joan! October is my favorite month as Fall brings back many memories to muse! The change in weather here in Charleston happened today and I am off to watch the soccer team Stacey coaches play! So fun being the Grandmother of a soccer player and watching my former soccer player coach an enthusiastic team of talented and spirited young girls!! Life is GOOD in Mt. Pleasant, SC! Hugs xox

  2. Joan,

    I am so excited for your family and your new grand babies.
    I remember our talking about grandchildren when I had my
    first one almost 9 years ago. I now have 6.

    Please give Leah my best wishes. I miss working
    with her. I did retire at the end of May and am
    settling in to my new life.

    My best to Dr. Page.

    Jane Bunn

    1. HI Jane! So great to hear from you and I will certainly spread your good thoughts to Leah and Donny! Yes, we are so enjoying our two grands, now six weeks and four weeks. Leah’s younger brother and his wife have a daughter two weeks younger than Leah and her husband’s son. Wow! So happy for you on your recent retirement and wishing you all good things in the days ahead.
      Thanks for visiting my Pages!

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