My Own Little World What If There's a Bigger Picture

What is going on in your world and in my world today? When I heard Matthew West’s song, My Own Little World this morning, my thoughts went back to the way we spent our 4th of July morning for many years.

Peachtree Family Memories

Donny and I, lots of friends, as well as family members have participated in the Peachtree Road Race more than a dozen times.

Lighthouses don't go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining. Anne Lamott

On Independence Day, since 1970, this race is the world’s largest 10 kilometer race. Started by the Atlanta Track Club  with only 110 runners, the 2016 race, including a wheelchair competition expects over 60,000 participants. All finishers win the annual t-shirt! Some of you reading this may be training for the 2016 10K.

Peachtree Family Memories


Call me naive or sentimental, but every single time I stood at the extremely crowded start line, my eyes would well up. You see, here were my thoughts, every year, again and again:

What if all of these humans worked together for one cause, whether it be to stop hunger in its tracks, to put a final end to all human sex trafficking, to unite, standing shoulder-to-shoulder for a common cause, regardless of their race, gender or religious beliefs?

And then, year after year, on the 4th of July, the crowd I was standing and waiting with would begin the slow trot towards the start line in front of Lenox Mall on Peachtree Road, our goal before us to complete the race and get our coveted t-shirt.

Kim and Amy Peachtree!
Karen and Joan Peachtree!
Our Family Peachtree Fun!

Here are the lyrics to this thought-provoking song:


Precious time with my sister, Laura Lea. June 18, 2016.

I had a chance to visit with my sister, Laura Lea this past weekend and I shared this post with her.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. Helen Keller

Laura’s initial thoughts were,  “I am quite sure that many of us live our lives this way…watching for ways to make a difference in another’s day.” I believe she is right, and I also think we can all do a little better.

How can you and I forget about our own world for a time and reach out to the hurting humans in our path?

One person can make a difference and everyone should try.” John F. Kennedy

If you live in a home that houses and nurtures young people, please make caring for them,loving them well, the most important priority of all.

This is no dress rehearsal, and I don’t want to spend another day just going through the motions!

I don’t believe I’m the only one feeling this sense of urgency. Especially in light of the current events across our globe today. I feel, we, each one, can be the hands and feet, together, to make a difference.


Without really intending to, this has turned into a Matthew West post, so as we remember the Orlando shooting victims and families left behind,  and  many others who have had a recent loss, I will share one more of this artist/songwriter’s songs: Save A Place For Me.

A friend just shared something with me and I wanted to pass it onto you. Allow ten minutes for viewing. An awesome young lady shares her heart in an original poem about her perspective on our broken world and where we can find hope.