I took a bike ride today by myself from the Kennesaw Mountain Visitor’s Park to the Marietta Square, and back, about 3 miles each way. My plan was to ride to the square for exercise, visit our Hallmark store to purchase a few greeting cards and then ride back. I decided to visit dk gallery, a new art gallery on our square, owned by our good friend, Donna. I knew that ordinarily, Donna was not in on Mondays, but I thought I might get lucky and have an unexpected visit with her today.
The weather was beautiful for a bike ride, not too hot and not too cool…just right!

And as my good fortune would have it, Donna was in and not too busy for us to have a visit.
I once heard a quote by Seneca that fits with my day and this very special friend:
“One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.”
I had not had a chance to share about Brad’s celebration service and all that had happened in the past couple of weeks, so we shared from our hearts for a little while. Again, I considered how very important friendship and fitness are for the 50 something woman! The bike ride was strenuous enough to make me feel like I had some exercise and my time with Donna was just enough to fill me up with love and friendship.
How about you? Are you making sure that you take care of yourself by taking time out for friendship and fitness. If not, why not?

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