Celebrate Me Home Remembering Brad

Last night, my husband and I had the good fortune to join my sister and her husband for a live concert with Kenny Loggins. These loved ones are in the midst of grieving the recent passing of their 25-year-old son, Brad, and these plans were made in hopes to take some time out from being a full-time advocate for their son, who was injured in an accident on June 24, 2008, when he suffered a TBI. (see previous blog entitled, REMEMBERING BRAD for the whole story.)


This concert was held in an open amphitheatre on the south side of Atlanta. The rain earlier in the day had subsided, leaving behind a wonderful, cool Spring night.

Some of our favorite greatest hits through the evening included: RETURN TO POOH CORNER, FOOTLOOSE, I’M ALLRIGHT, YOUR MAMA DON’T DANCE, and many more.

But when Kenny Loggins began the old tune CELEBRATE ME HOME, the crowd went wild.

As I sat there listening intently to the lyrics of this old familiar song…I thought again of my sister’s son, our nephew, Brad, and sang this song in my heart to him…we spent ten long months not knowing if he would ever return to his normal self and we often wondered when he would get to go “home.” As I took in the words while Kenny Loggins belted them out, it was confirmed to me that Brad is no longer on an uneasy highway, we can now celebrate him home. One thing we know for sure is that Brad was loved and love always wins.

Some of the lyrics of CELEBRATE ME HOME go like this:

It’s time I found myself,
Totally surrounded in your circles
Whoa, my friends

Please celebrate me home,
Give me a number,
please, celebrate me home
Play me one more song,
That I’ll always remember,
and I can recall,
Whenever I find myself too all alone,
I can sing me home.

Uneasy highway,
Traveling where the Westerly winds can fly,
Somebody tried to tell me,
But the man forgot to tell me why

Celebrate, celebrate
Celebrate, celebrate
Celebrate, celebrate
Celebrate me home

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