Wooden Toys Tell A Story Imagination In Play!

“Please tell me a story.” was a common request in our home back in the day when our kids were little. Here, you will learn about some wooden toys to use during story time that will add imagination in play! In case your time is short, and you want to go straight to The Wooden Storyteller site, click here. You will love these!

Books are everywhere and I love books! We have personal favorites from when Leah and Walker were small…Good Night Moon by, Margaret Wise Brown, The Very Hungry Catepillar by, Eric Carle, and Where The Wild Things Are by, Maurice Sendak were some of Leah and Walker’s choices. WE all also loved The Berenstain Bear Series by Stan Berenstain, Shel Silverstein’s Where The Sidewalk Ends, and of course we never grew tired of Green Eggs and Ham along with all the other crazy Dr. Seuss tales! What are some of the favorite stories from your childhood or when your kids were small?

Story time is such a great time for connection, teaching, and halting the rush, if only for a few minutes, that we all seem to be experiencing these days.

Story Time in your local library is a perfect time for a busy Mom to take a few minutes to rest while the little ones plug into a story.

Do you currently have little ones that are an important part of your life?

I hope you will check out these creative wooden storyteller pieces that your children and grandchildren will surely delight in.

Titus Ray Lambert born April 10, 2014
Rachael, Thomas and their son, Titus. The Lamberts are expecting their second child this Spring 2018.

My niece, Rachael along with her husband, Thomas are the creators of some amazing “hands on” toys that you just might want to add to your list for the little ones that you love. Read on to learn how they were inspired to start their little, growing business:

“We are a Southern family living in the Pacific Northwest. We have one son, Titus, who is three years old. “Mama, I strong. I wild. I fierce.” Thank you little one.

My husband, Thomas, started making toys for our son’s play. He would need a boat for his men or a monster for the sea. We began to get compliments and people were shocked when they discovered we made them ourselves. We soon had orders from family and friends. We knew we were on to something and the rest is history.

We honor both free play and storybooks. We believe storytelling is the perfect mix of the two. Telling your child a story while acting it out only solidifies the tale. When your child retells a story and plays it back out….something magical happens. They make this tale their own. This is imaginative narration in play, and it is so good.

We keep our wooden toys simple. We desire children to have toys that are both visually and tactically beautiful. We want children to explore with creative thought and to learn truth from stories. We believe children should get the quality of the toy and the quality of the story.

We would love to hear from you! Happy Storytelling!”

To join The Lambert Family in their storytelling efforts and to purchase these toys, please visit their Etsy site by clicking here. 

They offer a number of story pieces including Jonah and the whale, The Nativity Story, The 3 Little Pigs, and many more. Each set comes in its own drawstring bag to keep the story pieces together. They can also make special orders that you do not find in their current collection.

I cannot wait to collect them all!

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Climb Every Mountain The Great Smoky Mountains


“Climb Every Mountain,

Ford Every Stream,

Follow Every Rainbow,

‘Till You Find Your Dream.”

(from the musical, The Sound of Music)

Do you have dreams for the future?

In any given moment, we are guided by one of two maps: a vision map, which is a deliberate map for our future, or a default map, which is made up of our past. Choices made from our default map---our repetitive, automatic programming---DO NOT nourish our flames, nor do they move us closer to our dreams. AND even though they might feel right to us, they do simply because they are familiar. The right questions wake you up! from page 23, The Right Questions: 10 Essential Questions To Guide You To An Extraordinary Life, Debbie Ford

Have you begun to let some of those dreams slip away? Nearly one year ago, my hiking buddy, Kathy invited me to join her and three friends for a hiking adventure. I immediately said yes, not knowing that this past week, our eight-hour hike up, viewing the sunset from a 7,000 foot vista, and trekking back down in six hours would inspire me so.  After my recent climb up to the Summit of Mt. Le Conte in the Great Smoky Mountains, my dreams have been rekindled. Laughing, singing Rod Stewart, songs from musicals, Carole King, and JT, telling long stories, and “unplugging for a time” all served to rejuvenate and inspire the five of us!

thanks for this, Melissa Chambers! Let’s Do This!

Especially in light of the horrific current events in Orlando, Florida, it is easy to feel discouraged, defeated, and hopeless, too. If your dreams are trying to die on you, watch this for inspiration!

It has been said that “getting old is not for sissies”, and as I draw nearer to the end of my fifth decade, I am finding this to be true. Life, at any stage, takes great courage. Climbing a huge mountain has helped to decrease my fears and rebuild my courage for the days ahead.

I was able to celebrate my friend, Cyndi’s 60th birthday this past Saturday and a friend I saw there shared that she found it hard to do things for herself during this season of her life, with grown married children and grandchildren now here. I told her about the 3 nights I snuck away to climb Mt. Le Conte with friends, and how doing that ( I am hoping) will make me a stronger and more loving woman, Mother, and Mom-In-Law, as well as a Grandma to our (future) grandchildren. <smile>

So what are the dreams you have had in your past that might be trying to slip away because of time and circumstances? What’s on your list, what “mountains” would you like to climb to gain serenity and hope for the future? Our adventure happened to be extremely physically challenging, but your dreams and my dreams can be whatever they are, unique to each one of us: keeping a journal, visiting a historical nearby community you’ve been thinking of,  increasing your fitness, snagging 15-30 minutes each day for some solitude, some alone time, and more. Take a few moments to sit quietly, perhaps with pen and paper at hand, and jot down a few of your dreams.

Dreams CAN come true, like the rigorous hike that five women, including a social worker, three nurses, and a teacher, all in our fifties took on June 7-8, 2016.  Though there are no showers or electricity at the top, the Mt. Le Conte staff took great care of us feeding us delicious, family style meals. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I will use mostly pictures to share our experience with you. Click here to see a cool, short video about the LLAMA Train that takes place on Trillium Gap Trail 2-3 times each week!

We hiked up this trail. The first 2.7 miles is part of the AT!
We hiked down this trail. We were able to see the llamas several times!

Getting started at Newfound Gap. The first 2.7 miles of Boulevard Trail is part of the AT!
My hiking buddy, Kathy.
Connecting with Nature.
A panoramic view of the vistas and Kathy.
A favorite spot: Myrtle Point
A fellow hiker taking in the sunset.
A panoramic view of our sunset on June 7, 2016, Cliff Top.
Pure Joy pouring from my new friend, Linda.
Lisa staying warm at sunset, Cliff Top.
Our cabin. The bucket was for the hot water to wash our faces with!
Recorded on my Apple Watch after the hike down.
Tho we saw no bears, there were lots of sightings in the days just following our visit.
At 6,593 feet, Mt. Le Conte is the 3rd highest peak in the Smokies.
The llama train travels 3 days each week, delivering supplies to the Lodge.
Almost to the end of Trillium Gap Trail.
Grotto Falls, about 1.5 miles up from Trillium Gap Trailhead.

IMG_3684Let’s Keep Our Dreams Alive!

Charlotte’s Web



I had the opportunity this past Tuesday to go to The Barter Theater, again with my lifelong friend, Kelly Read.

You have been my friend, that in itself is a tremendous thing.” Charlotte to Wilbur in the story of Charlotte’s Web

If you have never had the chance to visit this theater and the quaint Virginia town of Abingdon, please put it on your radar for a trip in the future.  Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, in Southwest Virginia, this town not only boasts of this great, old theater, but also the famous Virginia Creeper Trail. I like to joke and ask my husband again and again, “When can we move here!?!” Seriously, we love it!

Kelly, Wilbur the pig, and me!

Charlotte’s Web is often called “the best children’s book of all time,” and occupies a special place in the hearts of young and old alike.IMG_0860

Along with busloads of school children, Kelly and I saw the play Charlotte’s Web.

Templeton, the rat is from Newnan, Georgia!

As a retired teacher of elementary kids, I love this story for many reasons. One of the reasons is I read it aloud to my class every year. Another reason is during my one year of homeschooling, I read it along with Trumpet of the Swan and Stuart Little to Walker during his first grade in school. All of these timeless stories were written by E.B.White and illustrated by Garth Williams.

If I can fool a bug… I can surely fool a man. People are not as smart as bugs.” Charlotte, the spider to Wilbur, the pig 


I wrote a blog post earlier about spiders. Click here to check it out. And if you have ever wondered why White chose a spider for his protagonist in this magical story, click here to read some of his own words about this. E.B. White’s Newberry Honor book, Charlotte’s Web is a tender novel of friendship, love, life, and death that will continue to be enjoyed by generations to come.

Abingdon Library

I highly recommend you read these stories aloud to your children and grandchildren.

You should be able to find a copy in your local library where many locations offer free story times.

Charlotte, the spider and me!

“Few people would guess that a pig and a spider could be best friends. In this story, not only are they best friends, but Charlotte, the spider saves Wilbur, the pig’s life. Charlotte takes a chance on Wilbur and goes on the most rewarding adventure of her life-friendship. And Wilbur, desperate for a friend, finds out that life is about more than just himself: it’s about helping those around you. Together, this unlikely duo changes the lives of every animal (and human) they meet.

Wilbur and Charlotte’s selflessness creates a better world. So does their bravery to be who they are. And their willingness to love each other unconditionally.

Take a chance on someone today. You may find that they’re terrific. Or radiant. Or humble. And they just might change your life.”

Director of the play, Charlotte’s Web, Barrett Guyton, Barter Theater

Abingdon, Virginia


St. Louis With Family

Commercial airplane

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow. Anita Desai

Donny and I took a short trip to St. Louis, Missouri this past weekend to visit our son and his bride of nearly two years. Though the flight was short, the turbulence was worse than usual, causing the attendants to suspend beverage service for awhile. In addition, the landing was one of the most tumultuous we’ve experienced. Still, as we exited the plane, as always, I thanked the attendants, and I looked straight into the Captain’s eyes, saying, “Thank you for the safe travel.” Some of them are surprised by my statement, but all seem to appreciate it. You may want to try this the next time you step off an airplane! I never want to take traveling mercies for granted, another lesson my Mama taught me.

Dinner at Central West End
The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see. G.K. Chesterson

Arriving at 3:00 p.m. on a Friday gave us a nice long visit with our children, Walker, a Ph.D Philosophy student at SLU (Saint Louis University) and Jessica, a nurse at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Jess is also working on a Masters in Nursing Education. Jessica’s birthday was the Wednesday before our arrival, so we got to celebrate with her! Both carved out time from work and studying to play with us for the weekend! We love the old architecture and homes scattered through this Midwestern U.S. city. We visited them Easter 2015 and you can read about that visit by clicking here.

Did you know? In 1904, St. Louis hosted the 1904 World’s Fair and the 1904 Summer Olympics, becoming the first non-European city to host the Olympics.

happy Mama

The best part of our entire weekend away was just being together. Whether we were sharing a meal, getting a haircut, loving on Louis the cat, planting flower pots, playing cards, hanging out talking, or heading to church.

favorite post-church lunch spot
A cold beer is included with your cut!
“Being a good Dad starts with presence, not presents.” anonymous
our gift: wind chimes from Pier One Imports
Saturday brunch/lunch farm-to-table…a “must-try”
With 100% chance of rain, we were happy with a short break in the weather!
These tall pink hibiscus will bloom soon!
time out for worship at Memorial
reflection for congregation at Memorial
It is always so fun to hang out in St. Louis!
I sustain myself with the love of family. Maya Angelou

After a special time with our family, it was good to return to our home, even with all the congestion and traffic. “There’s no place like home.”


Thanks, Walker and Jess for your awesome hospitality! We look forward to our next trip when Leah and Scott can join us!

On a side note, our baby birds flew away and into their own journey while we were in Missouri. Click here to read about some of our bird adventures at our home this Spring.

Mommy or Big Baby, I’m not sure!?!
The wreath where the nest was built.

Man’s Best Friend

Our girls, Mocha and Gracie are the best companions.

Dogs are a “Man’s Best Friend”, but they are obviously “a girl’s best friend”, as well.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole. Roger Caras, Photographer

Did you know? The statement that the dog is man’s best friend was first recorded as being made by Frederick II, King of Prussia, (1789) referring to one of his Italian greyhounds as his best friend?

There are countless inspiring stories about the four-legged canines in our lives. Click here to read about Callie, the Beagle and here to read about my friend, Tim’s guide dog, Ringer.

I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive. Gilda Radner (a comedian who died of ovarian cancer at the age of 42)

 You can read an earlier post about favorite dogs here, Who Rescued Who?

I must admit that dogs are a lot of trouble at times. They make messes that require cleaning and tear up things that need replacing. Having a dog requires the owners to make vacation plans around them, take them to vet appointments, and make sure their food and treats are in stock.

However, I have found that you get back ten-fold in pure love all that you give to a dog.

Today, I want to introduce you to two of the countless best friends in our world: WHIZZ and LUCCA, both are examples of true heroes! And both received the PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals) award!

I first heard about Whizz on a recent radio show. Whizz, a Newfoundland, worked with the Royal Navy Rescue, the Severn Area Rescue Association and the Marine Volunteer Service. Whizz went to Doggie Heaven on March first of 2016 at the age of 12, following a ten-year water rescue career. Whizz was given a posthumous award, the PDSA Order of Merit, an award given to animals that display outstanding devotion to their owner or society. Newfies are bred in the frigid environment of Newfoundland, Canada. With flaps of skin between their toes, their feet turn into webbed paws enabling them to swim more efficiently. Whizz’s breed is also gifted with soft, oily fur which allows them to float, astonishing strength, and the most endearing personality a dog can have.

Whizz rescued nine people and one dog during his working years.IMG_9846

IMG_9844 IMG_9843 IMG_9842 IMG_9841

Owned by David Pugh, Whizz will be forever remembered by his, handler, Ellie, a top lifeguard in the UK. It was Whizz’s job to provide the strength and ability to help people in trouble, but as this big “bear” rescued frantic swimmers, Ellie provided the human touch and was the one who calmed them, telling them what to do. David explained, “A drowning person has the strength of ten people, and in a panic, would most certainly pull the dog under. The role of the lifeguard is to make sure the drowning person is well and to convey that the dog is there to help. Thereafter, the dog is able to perform the rescue.”

Another best friend, a German Shepherd, that was a hero to many is named Lucca.

Through all of her treatment, and despite the pain she was in, her temperament never changed. Cpl Juan Rodriguez said of Lucca, the war dog

GYSgt Chris Willingham, a Marine, was first paired with Lucca on April 23, 2006. In her six years of serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, there were zero human casualties. Sadly, Lucca was injured by a bombing in Afghanistan’s Helmund Province, with chest burns and the loss of a leg in 2012. Still with Willingham, Lucca lives in California and is being utterly spoiled during her retirement.

Lucca and Willingham have been together since 2006.
Lucca is now enjoying a well-earned retirement !


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Baby’s best friend!

Thanks and have a wonderful day!


4 Lessons To Learn From Zoo Animals

Robert, described as a gentle, old soul by the St. Louis Zoo volunteer. He reminds me to be content…

After visiting the amazing St. Louis Zoo with our family a couple of weeks ago, I realized that I had not been to Zoo Atlanta in decades. After dropping my husband at the airport yesterday afternoon, I decided to take a solo trip to check it out! An adventure of sorts. [pullquote]I love acting, but it’s much more fun taking the kids to the zoo.” Nicole Kidman[/pullquote] Having grown up in Decatur, Georgia, just a short drive from the Atlanta Zoo, I went there often as a child, sharing a picnic on the wide, grassy hills that surround the zoo.


Did you know? The Cyclorama is no longer there on the shared property of the Atlanta Zoo. There are plans to relocate The Cyclorama to The Atlanta History Center in 2017.

Did you know? If you would rather not take your little goblins trick-or-treating, the Atlanta Zoo is having Boo At The Zoo for the next two weekends on October 24, 25 and the 31st, too. The decorations there are festive and they are giving out that prized candy, too!


This little girl is at Boo At The Zoo.

After visiting two zoos in two weeks, I realized there are a few lessons we can learn from the animals who live there:

(1) Be Content. For the most part, the animals we saw at the zoo were content in their natural habitats.

[pullquote]I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.” Philippians 4:12[/pullquote]

(2) Trust.  Trust that all will be well and others will look out for you as you journey through life.

[pullquote]Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” William Shakespeare[/pullquote] 

The zoo animals trust that they will be fed and treated well while living in the zoo.

Donny and Walker hang out with a monkey at the St. Louis Zoo.

(3) Enjoy the miracles of nature. Again, living in their natural habitat, the zoo animals take in the beauty and comfort of nature.IMG_6409

(4) Be playful, loving and get along with others. Yesterday, when I was alone at Zoo Atlanta, I took the time to sit and observe the monkeys for a good 30 minutes. They were loving with one another and it was truly inspiring to watch.

IMG_6533IMG_6422 IMG_6412 IMG_6542IMG_6457I hope you get a chance to visit a zoo in the near future.

What other lessons can we learn from

the animals who reside there?