Carve Your Name on Hearts: Noelle, Number 6 Turns One

Polly and Johnny at their engagement in 1947. The Walkers were married on October 21, 1948 and began a journey of Love and Legacy together.
Polly and Johnny at their engagement in 1947. On October 21, 1948, they married, and began a journey of love and legacy together.

“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” Shannon L. Alder, American Author

This is a repost of an original post from many months back. Some of you may recall that during the year of 2014, our parents were looking down from heaven while SIX great-grandchildren were being born.

Our niece, Katie with her daughter, Noelle.
Our nephew, Kevin, takes his niece, Noelle for a ride, as Noelle’s Grandmother, my sis, Kathy, looks on.
Our great niece, Noelle cheers for the Atlanta Braves from her home near Denver, Colorado.
Our niece, Emily hangs out on the beach with her niece, Noelle.

I am sending this out for the sixth and last time in celebration of  Noelle Victoria Findlan. Noelle will have her first birthday on September 10, 2015, sharing her special day with her great Aunt Mary Ann.

With my Daddy being an only child and Mama adopted at the age of three, the family of six children they created together was a cornerstone in their lives. Meeting, knowing and loving three great-grandchildren blessed my parents’ lives abundantly before their passing. With many married grandchildren, they relished the growing of the loving legacy they had built together.

When Daddy passed away near the end of 2013, he knew that 2014 would bring five new great-grandchildren. There was a joke going around that Polly may have called down from heaven and said something like: “Johnny! Come on up here, our family is really about to proliferate!”

My parents' first three great-grandchildren: L to R Alex (born 7/20/02), Jacob (born 8/11/06) and their sis, Kayla (born 1/11/05) Their Daddy, Shane, their first-born grandchild named our parents, "GoodMama and GoodDaddy."
My parents’ first three great-grandchildren: L to R Alex (born 7/20/02), Jacob (born 8/11/06) and their sis, Kayla (born 1/11/05). Their Daddy, Shane, was my parents first-born grandchild and named them “GoodMama and GoodDaddy.”

And she would have been exactly right. What Dad didn’t know, is that instead of five, the number would actually be six, as his granddaughter Katie had not yet found out she was expecting at the time of his passing. All six of these new little people are first borns for six of my nieces or nephews and we are thrilled and excited about each and every one of them.

Annaclaire Francis Kelly, born January 5, 2014, lives in Oxford, MS. Her parents, Savannah and Sean, describe their precious first-born daughter as hilarious, observant and gregarious! She is first cousins with Noah James, born 3 days later, and Titus.
Those are my nephew’s strong arms holding Noah James Walker, born January 8, 2014. He lives in San Diego, Ca. with his parents, Annie and Evan Wade. They describe Noah as active, playful and sweet! He is first cousins with Annaclaire, born 3 days earlier and Titus.
James August Elrod, born on March 1, 2014, was named after his Great Grandfather, Albert August Metzger. Alison and Ricky, his parents, live in Woodstock, Georgia, and describe their son this way: strength, discovery, and joy. August attended his first wedding at the age of four weeks: Leah and Scott Andrews! August is first cousins with his buddy, Noah Ray.
This little fellow, Titus Ray Lambert, traveled from Mississippi to attend our son and daughter-in-law, Walker and Jessica Page’s wedding when he was just ten weeks old. Titus was born on April 10, 2014. He lives with his parents, Rachael and Thomas in Picayune, MS., and they describe this fun season  as one that has lots of laughter, fulfilment, and a son who is all-boy! He is first cousins with Noah James and Annaclaire, all three grandchildren born to my brother John and his wife, Jeanie!
Noah Ray Fairchild was born 3 days before our son’s wedding, so needless to say he and his parents did not make it to GA for that occasion! Noah was born on June 18, 2014 . The words these blessed parents chose are: excitement, changes, and happiness! Amy, Stephen and Noah reside in Nashville, TN. Noah is first cousins with his bff, August and both are grandsons to my sis, Mary Ann and her husband, Jim!
This little angel, Noelle Victoria Findlan, is the first-born daughter of Adam and Katie and first cousins with the trio above pictured at Easter.   My sis, Kathy, and her husband, Jim are the proud grandparents of these four.  Noelle was born on September 10, 2014. The Findlan Family lives in beautiful Denver, CO., and describe their treasured daughter as strong-willed, curious and active!


There is no doubt that GoodMama and GoodDaddy are looking down from above smiling about the rich harvest that their great love has sown.