Adoption: The Answer To So Many Questions

mano con dito indica maschileAs many of you may recall, one of the reasons I started this blog is because of my Mama. The ninth anniversary of her passing is this month on October 24th, but that day is really no different from every day. I miss her every day regardless of the anniversary of  her passing, her birthday, or “whatever”. You also may remember that in the year of 1930, Mama was adopted from an orphanage in southern Mississippi. If she told us once, she told us a million times how very thankful she was to be scooped up by a Pastor on that Sunday afternoon. Her soon-to-be Daddy was visiting the orphanage with a deacon of the church and he couldn’t resist my Mama…Amidst the surprise of her soon-to-be Mommy, she would arrive at her new home with chocolate ice cream running down her white dress. Her three big brothers would run out to meet their new little sis. And that was how the adoption process went down for my Mama. She was forever grateful for the faith-filled Shivers Family that took her in and made her a true part of their family back in 1930.

Do you ever have a moment when you are scanning down the news feed of Facebook and you know that something that someone has shared was meant for you? That is how I felt earlier this week when I saw this video on adoptive parents, Ryan and Hailey Bailey’s wall:

Mark and Katharyn Richt’s Adoption Story

With all the loud conversation about the abortion issue, let us raise our voices for more adoptions! Let’s celebrate The Baileys, my Mama and her family, The Shivers who took her in back in 1930, as well as Coach Mark and Katharyn Richt’s adoption story. For a change, let’s ease up just a little on the abortion talk and encourage those who have made the choice to adopt!

Hand with marker writing the word Adoption Is Love

3 thoughts on “Adoption: The Answer To So Many Questions”

  1. Joan,
    Thanks so much for your post. I cried as I watched the Richt family video. I generally knew their story but had not seen this particular video.

    I do not mean to judge anyone by my comments. Every couple makes decisions that are right for their family. Brian and I often wonder about the tens and tens and tens of thousands of dollars and the agony many couples go through to have their “own” child via in vitro or surrogacy, etc. Adoption is not cheap, but there are many incentives and support for families who need it. There is a federal adoption tax credit up to $13,400 (literally straight off the federal taxes they pay) if a family qualified financially. We were not able to qualify, but I know many people it has helped. It was $10,000 back in 2001. All that said, there are SO SO many children all over the world who may never know a “forever” family. I urge anyone reading this to consider adoption as a means of adding to your family. I would be more than happy to talk to anyone interested. We have a biological son and an adopted daughter from China, and I can say without a shadow of doubt that there is NO difference in how Brian or I feel about our children. One of them grew in my tummy, and the other grew in my heart. They are BOTH OURS!

    1. HI Susan, I truly appreciate you taking the time to share this information here…Not having the experience of being an adoptive parent myself, I learned many things from your comment, and I have a feeling your info will encourage more parents-to-be to consider adoption.
      Again, thanks for this and my favorite part is your ending: “One of them grew in my tummy, and the other grew in my heart. They are BOTH OURS!”

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