A Movie with Mama

IMG_0922 My brother-in-law, Jim, who is married to my sis, Mary Ann loved sharing a birthday with Mama.

Memories are the key not to the past, but to the future.” Corrie ten Boom

The year was 1974. That would put me in the tenth grade at Druid Hills High School in Decatur, Georgia. As we finished dinner at the long table in our home, with a bench on each side and a chair on one end, Mama excitedly said, “Let’s look in the paper and see what movie is showing!” We grabbed the newspaper and chose the movie , The Great Gatsby to see that night. Only thing was that it was to start in 20 minutes at North DeKalb Mall.  We hurriedly placed the dinner dishes in the sink, ran and grabbed our shoes, and off we went to the movies! This was a common occurrence with Mama. Spontaneity was her specialty. We made it to the theatre just as the previews were finishing and we followed Mama down the aisle of the dark theatre. The first hilarious thing she did was to choose a row that looked like it had some seats and we followed her closely. When she turned to sit down, a man’s loud voice said, “Excuse me!”, because she nearly sat in someone’s lap. We quick reversed out of that row and found a seat elsewhere. Now, if my memory serves me well, the movie had an intermission and we headed to the restroom, and that is when the second hilarious thing happened.  Mama was in the stall when I happened to notice something unusual about her shoes. In her haste to get out the door, she had put her feet into two different shoes, a black one and a navy one,  one was flat, the other with a bit of a heel. My sisters and I got so tickled that we about died laughing! We told this story again and again through the years, and she always defended the part about the different sized heel, never denying that her shoes were mismatched.

Celebrating another anniversary with them.

Today, December 20th, would have been my Mama’s 87th birthday and I decided, with this story in mind, to go to a movie in her memory. I chose a movie I knew she would love, ANNIE, which opened just yesterday. If for nothing else, I recommend this movie for the performances of Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, and especially Quvenzhane Wallis, who plays Annie. Mama would’ve loved this movie.

I am thankful Walker and Leah were plenty old enough to know my Mom well before her passing in 2006.
My parents enjoyed ten years of retirement on a lake in Mississippi before moving back to Georgia. Leah and Walker loved our road trips to visit them there.
Even though Mama already had several grandchildren by the time our firstborn came, she was always so excited to hold a new grandchild!
Mama and Daddy were so in love. Their legacy of true love for each other will live on forever!

I love you, Mama!!!!! Happy Birthday!


6 thoughts on “A Movie with Mama”

  1. Joan we share something in common our mother`s birthday.She was 3 weeks shy of being 99 when she decided to go home to meet the lord.in 2010. I miss her and so thankful to have been her daughter.
    Happy Birthday to two remarkable ladies.

  2. David says he remembers y’all all going to Ben Hur at the drive-in in your mom’s station wagon. 🙂

  3. Hey sis, thanks for sharing this sweet fun memory. I remember it well. I loved all the pictures and thought about Mom all day as we celebrated Jim’s Birthday. We were blessed to have a wonderful Mom that also made life fun!

  4. Dear Joan, You made me laugh all over again. This is a true movie story. I was there too! I love the pic of Baby Leah with Mom and Dad. We have awesome parents and I miss them daily.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your precious family photos and memories. I was a friend of your brother John at Carson Newman and he had me ride the bus to ATL for an after Christmas weekend at your house. I have wonderful memories of your family “taking me in” and letting me be part of the family , if just for a couple days. I often wonder how he is doing. I can see in your photos the girls are happy and thriving with families and lives focused on making the world kinder and more forgiving. Celebrate yourself for a moment! Your writing and blog comments enrich lives that read it and by you sharing memories of warm family times you give the masses (like me) a warmer and kinder view of a world we do not experience. Thank you, this has been a Christmas gift to me. And please tell me how John & Jeanie are. Sharon

    1. Joan, I love reading your blogs! Your mama was such a wonderful lady and I was blessed to learned much from her. Your whole family has a very special place in my heart and memory! Thanks for writing and sharing even still! Blessings to you and yours!!


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