A Father Is More Than A Sperm Donor Remembering My Daddy

Daddy’s hands reached out to many in his time…to his wife, to his six kids, to the countless babies he delivered as an OB doc, and to the poor in Africa between the years of 1950-1955. He was always looking out for others, and one of the things I miss most is holding this hand.

Have you ever wondered, like me, why there has never been a required manual written for both new mothers and new fathers? I know this is a crazy idea, but Donny and I sure would’ve loved to read it before we conceived our two!  Though it is not a complete list, read here 10 things loving fathers can do for their children.  There is also a website for DADS at National Center for Fathering/How To Be A Good and Loving Dad.

It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father.” Pope John XXIII

 A father is more than a sperm donor, that’s for sure, and my family was blessed with a daddy who loved me unconditionally, provided for me well, prayed for me, and never turned his back on me.

November 11th marks Dad’s anniversary in Heaven. Daddy passed away on a Monday, Veterans Day, which was poignant, since he served in the Army as a med-tech many years ago. He was 93. I know where he is, and that helps to keep the grief at bay. I choose to look at the life he lived with all of us as an enormous blessing. As I grow in my age, I know I am that much closer to the day I will be reunited with both of my parents and that gives me such JOY!

Daddy in November 1987 ready for my brother, Billy and Lisa’s wedding.

Some of Daddy’s grandsons are now fathers themselves, emulating their GoodDaddy.

In honor and memory of my Dad, I will share a few characteristics I have come to see as important while living with the two fathers I know best, my Daddy and my husband.

It is a wise father who knows his own child.” William Shakespeare 

This list comes from my own personal experience. I do realize that some folks grow up never knowing their father or perhaps they lost their Dad at a young age.

  • vigilant and present

  • funny

  • strong

  • faith-filled

  • problem solver

  • discerning

  • love for his child’s mother and arranges frequent dates with her 

  • unconditional love for his family

  • provider 

  • loving disciplinarian

As you consider my list,

what characteristics might you add?

Share this with the fathers in your path today.