7 Lifestyle Choices=A Big Difference Our Health Plan

Here, I will share with you 7 lifestyle choices that = a big difference in your overall health and well-being.

This past Wednesday afternoon, I met my long-time friend, Kathy at the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, and we tackled the Mountain Road, approximately 1.4 miles straight up. Then on Friday, I met up with my girlfriend, Rita, to challenge ourselves at an Orange Theory Fitness West Cobb class with Coach Lou at 7:30 a.m.

This past President’s Day weekend, seven of my college ADPi friends came and we enjoyed a three-night sleepover! We walked every day, including another trip to the strenuous Mountain Road on Saturday afternoon.

My ADPi TTU College friends came to visit and we made sure to include fitness into our party plans!
Not every night, but Donny and I are definitely starting to eat a more plant-based diet.

I am more personally motivated than ever before after listening to our friend, Dr. William A. Cooper do a Q/A on Facebook Live regarding cardiac health, lifestyle choices, and how you and I can directly impact our life with a few changes. Not only is William a Cardiothoracic Surgeon (an open-heart surgery doc), but he is also an author and a visionary leader who is very motivated to help lay people like you and me lead healthier lives.

You see, sadly, William has learned first hand about loss and disease in his own family: his dear Mom died from cancer at age 46, a sis, age 27, diabetes, another sis, 41, heart disease, a brother, age 45, heart, another brother, age 53, AIDS, and another sis, age 58, cancer!!! Now, Dr. Cooper, a veteran who was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, has dedicated himself to combating heart disease through education and prevention. He is growing more and more passionate about helping as many humans as possible to get serious about their personal health plan. Dr. Cooper’s book is called Heart Attack: Truth*Tragedy*Triumph, and can be found by clicking here.

William started this particular Q/A I heard a few Saturdays ago with this question:

“What is your personal health plan?”

In answer to this question, many might think Dr. Cooper is referring to your insurance plan, but he isn’t! He is talking about choices you and I make moment by moment, day by day which greatly impact our wellness.

Following are the 7 lifestyle choices that were discussed:

(1) Control stress stress is the reason we overeat, overdrink, don’t workout, smoke and have other addictive behaviors. Let’s take time to be still enough to ask ourselves the question:

“Am I stressed? If I am, what do I intend to do about it?”

Taking time out to gaze at a sun rise or a sunset is a perfect time to ask ourselves this question.

(2) Control/Reduce Sugar. Read labels and when you read ‘high fructose’, avoid it. Manage your diet and your intake.

(3) Get weight down to a healthy level with nutritional management. Leave salt shakers behind and use more natural herbs, pepper, and turmeric for seasoning.

(4) Move to a largely plant-based diet.

(5) After age 40, know your blood pressure numbers and your cholesterol numbers.

(6) See your doctor. When we know we are unhealthy, it is easy to procrastinate about this, but your M.D. cannot help you if you do not go in to see him/her.

(7) Exercise 30 minutes minimum each day to achieve target heart rate. Click here for the formula to help you find your target. Consider getting a buddy to walk with and catch up while getting fit! Find an activity you enjoy and just do it.

A few more things I wrote down during Dr. Coop’s Q/A:

*Change your eating habits.

*We eat too many of the wrong things at the wrong time.

*Eat protein/high fat before 6 p.m.

*Match caloric intake for when you are the most active.

In addition to Dr. Cooper’s book, I have learned so much from a book I have mentioned before: Younger Next Year For Women (there’s a bright yellow one for men, too!) It is humorous and helpful at the same time!

'Okay, you're a terrific woman, maybe in your late forties, maybe your early sixties, and your life has gone pretty well. You have good energy, decent gifts, and right now you seem to be heading into a particularly nice stretch. The kids are getting big or are gone. Old Fred, if he's around, is taking care of himself, and the relationship is taking some nice turns, getting a little calmer. For some reason---menopause or whatever---you feel as if it's time, at long last, to look after yourself and your own, serious business. Time to take your own affairs, your own life, your own needs in hand and do something. Maybe something pretty big.'
Chris Crowley, co-author of Younger Next Year

What will you and I do in the weeks and months ahead to improve our health plan?

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