52 Things I Love About You and Other Hand-Made Gifts


It was December 2012, when our son, Walker was 20 and a junior at Wheaton College. He decided (with the help of his now wife, Jessica) that he would give us all hand-made gifts.

The heart that gives, gathers.” TAO TE CHING

 The gift, “52 Things I Love About You” that he made for me is still at the top of my list of favorites and it probably cost him less than $5.00 of his college budget to make.IMG_7555 IMG_7554 IMG_7556

Hand-Made gifts take some thought and planning, but they can turn out to be some of the most memorable gifts of all! So Walker used a deck of cards for each one of us and came up with 52 things he loved. Binding the cards with rings, it is easy to flip them, and we’ve been looking through them for years now. Click here to see how to create this loving gift.

When my Father-in-law began residing in a nearby assisted living, Leah made a burlap wreath for his door and now everyone who visits him can find him easily. Click here to see how easy this project is.IMG_7530

If you still have children in your home, or even when your grandchildren visit with you, it’s fun to plan homemade gifts with them.

It’s not how much we give but how much LOVE we put into our giving.” Mother Teresa

 Use their handprints on glove hot pads for a wonderful gift! The following links will offer some creative projects for children, as well as some gifts for others, including the hard-to-buy-for men in your life.

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Homemade Christmas Gifts

IMG_7568 IMG_7567 IMG_7566 Take a look at these, pick up a few supplies,

and consider setting up a gift-making station

at your 2015 Thanksgiving celebration.

Single brown package tied with string on a wood background

IMG_7564 IMG_7563

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