10 Things Organized People Do Every Day Good Food For Thought


It feels so good to be back here with you today!

Funny thing is while I was purging, reorganizing our home and my heart, I ran across a bunch of information about how to be organized, including this list of 10 things organized people do every day. I have a file full of organization tips! LOL! Still, I struggle. I found an article titled “Give All The Things In Your Life The ‘Annoy OR Joy’ Test” that gave me some good insight!

I wish I had read this when I was a young Mommy with two small children.

Hasn’t it been said that creative humans have a hard time with organization?

Maybe I could use that as a reason for my continual struggle!

Here are a few things I did during my Pages From Joan sabbatical:

1) I rejoined Weight Watchers, with my biggest priority being not so much a smaller size, but continued good health. I have been a lifetime member since 2008, but I need some extra help now and I am admitting that out loud. (I promise that unlike Oprah’s latest ads, I will not be eating bread every day!) I will apply their latest strategy which is to add self-care to the existing list of watching food intake and increasing activity.IMG_87952) I cleaned out and purged most spaces in our home with the help of my husband and  Hand In Hand Organizing. If you need help with your home, I suggest you contact Professional Organizer, Katina. She will get in the space with you or write-up a DIY Plan for a space which includes a maintenance plan. Here are a few of our successes:

*organized craft room shelves, including holiday decor, gift shelf, and party decor*
*Daddy’s old obstetrical table makes a great gift wrap station*
*game and dress-up closet has been a disaster for quite some time*
*now it is ready for our future grands (fingers crossed!)*

3) As a huge book lover, this is big! I went through every book in our home (hundreds, likely more) and really purged, passing some on to friends and family, giving a few to Goodwill, and my favorite, donated a nice collection to our public library.

*books set aside for our Public Library*


Inspired by Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up, I “thanked the books for the service they gave to us all these years.”

4) I rested.

Yes, this is me with bookend canines watching a movie with my family.

5) I tried some new recipes. With my healthy eating plan, Donny and I got into a variety of stir-fry dishes. YUMMY! And our Valentine Treat was an individual chocolate chip cookie made in a coffee mug. Find this easy, awesome recipe here at In A Southern Kitchen.

Chocolate Chip Cookie In A Mug!

6) Lastly, I worked on my book about Lessons My Mama Taught Me and researched topics for future blog posts. It is my hope that you will continue to find musings here that inspire and encourage us and help us to learn new things. Thanks to each and every one of you for following along and sharing my Pages From Joan. It is great to be back here with you all!

6 thoughts on “10 Things Organized People Do Every Day Good Food For Thought

  1. YEAH!! So glad you are back. I am trying to get organized (not my strong point). Thank you for the inspiration!!!


    1. Hi there & thanks!!! Yes, I have found that to definitely be true in my life, in my 5 + decades of living … Glad you stopped by here !

  2. Hey Joan, Yes it seems like that time of year to be organizing and “purging” the home. I might have to hire someone to help me to keep me on task! I sometimes feel like the book “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” where one thing leads to another (plus it’s hard for me to stay on one task for very long): I’ve been reminded of that over the years when you all you went out the front door to do is to get the newspaper and then you see one weed and then…. You look like you’ve made great progress in your home – way to go! Also of course, I love the picture of you and the dogs! Nancy

    1. HI Nancy! Yes, I can so relate to what you have said here! I have a (very) tough time staying on one task at a time, too!
      Thanks for your encouragement and let’s stay at it!!! DOG pics are always fun! If you seriously want to hire help, Katina Hand is your girl…Click on the link up in this post or let me know if you need more info!

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