Two Firefighters And A Waitress

I just read a story of two firefighters  in New Jersey, Paul Barb and Tim Young, and a waitress, Liz Woodard. [pullquote]We rise by lifting others.” Robert Ingeresoll[/pullquote] Though the story happened in July 2015, it bears sharing here on my Pages. Stories like this remind me that opportunities to make a difference are everywhere and easy to see when we are looking for them.

Let’s look for those opportunities.  You can make a difference — it doesn’t always have to be an elaborate production or effort- it’s always the little things that have the greatest impact.[pullquote]Some people are filled by compassion and a desire to do good, and some simply don’t think anything’s going to make a difference.” Meryl Streep[/pullquote] Following a 12-hour exhausting job of working on a warehouse fire, the two men stopped in at the 130 Diner for a strong cup of coffee and some food. Overhearing their conversation about the challenging work they had just completed, the waitress wrote this on their bill before leaving it at their table:

Your breakfast is on me today.

Thank you for all that you do serving others

and for running into places everyone else runs away from.

No matter your role, you are

courageous, brave and strong.

Thank you for being bold and badass every day!

Fueled by Fire and Driven by courage.

What a great example you are. Get some rest! LIZ


She paid for their breakfast, offering encouragement, and all Liz expected to get out of her kind gesture was a smile. Instead, she received way more than that. The men were so touched by her gesture, they soon learned more about Liz’s daily life, including the fact that her father was a quadriplegic. They also discovered that she had a Go Fund Me page set up to raise monies to get him a wheelchair accessible vehicle. The two firemen went to work spreading the word of this need and soon the message spread like crazy. Anonymous donations began pouring in, allowing Liz to quickly raise the necessary funds for her dad.

Liz’s Dad
The two firefighters, the waitress and her thankful family!

This story proves that good deeds are indeed contagious. Even seemingly small, positive actions we take in our everyday lives can also have amazing consequences.

How can you and I make someone’s journey a little lighter today?


Firefighters Paul Barb and Tim Young

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