Vacation Weight Gain

Well, I may have spoken too soon! I said this Blog is not about food and fitness, and it isn’t! However, I must share the latest that is on my mind!
First, some background…we have two children, Leah, age 20 and Walker, age 17. While Leah is finishing her Spring Semester at Auburn University and Walker is on a Spring Break mission trip to Dominican Republic, my husband and I just returned yesterday from 5 nights in beautiful Jamaica. WE stayed in a fabulous oceanfront all-inclusive resort. (need I say more?)
WELL, here is what I wanted to share, even though I worked out hard every single day, I pretty much ate and drank what I wanted…(bread w/butter, ice cream, pina coladas, you get it!)
I think I now have more clarity about why AMERICA is struggling so much with obesity.
This morning, when I stepped on the scales, I had gained 6 (yes, 6) lbs in just one short week. OK, so now it all makes sense to me because the average person would stay at this wonderful resort, eat/drink whatever their heart desires AND not have daily fitness as a part of their life while they are there. Therefore, if the average person gained the way I have, then the pounds would just continue to add up. For me, I will choose differently! Although this is not about food and fitenss (I keep saying that don’t I!?!) I will choose differently for ME today! I’ll close here as my stationary bike is calling my name!


Someone once said that today is the first day of the rest of your life. I think that is a grand way to begin this blog because at the age of 50 +, it is important to remember that each day matters and go forward with that thought. My 50th birthday was celebrated 323 days ago and I am happy to say that I am now a different person than I was on my birthday, August 1, 2008. I have finally lost the 20 + pounds that I have been trying to lose for about 17 years, since my son’s birth back in 1992! NOW, do not misunderstand by thinking that the weight loss has made me a different person. It is my “thinking” that has made me different. It is the fact that I have chosen to put myself up as a priority in my life, making time for workouts and planning good, healthy things to eat.
NO, this is not about that! This is not about exercise or food.
It is about women and how we are incredible care takers, but we somehow forget to care for ourselves.
THAT is what this is about.
I hope that in posting this thought that more women, younger and older than 50 will begin to care enough about themselves that they will put themselves on their “to do”list!