May Is Here Finish The Drill


Spring is nature’s way of saying,

“Let’s party!” 

Robin Williams

No matter how chaotic it is wildflowers will still spring up in the middle of nowhere.”

Sheryl Crow

My favorite bulletin board idea was one I used when I taught fifth grade.

I think it was the kids’ favorite, too.

The colorful board had a huge hamburger across the board and my students got to place pictures and words, “the “fixings”- on the big burger with all the things they wanted to do during the coming summer. The heading read:


Now that it is May first, everyone is really ready to close the books on this school year. In fact, most colleges have either had their commencements or they are scheduled for the very near future.The lower schools are counting the days, going by slow as molasses for the students and a little faster for the teachers as they work hard to accomplish all the skills on their lists. And the parents? They are making summer plans, camp, day-care and hopefully a trip to the beach if they’re lucky.

Our rhododendron bud waits for its day to pop.

Spring sports are in full session, along with Spring plays and musical performances, while small groups of Moms meet over coffee to plan the end-of-year parties. Parents attend awards programs and scout groups wrap things up for the year. Coach Mark Richt was famous for telling his University of Georgia Bulldog players: “Let’s finish the drill!!!”

While all this is happening in the busy month of May, flowers and animals in our midst are quietly displaying the handiwork of Spring. Just following Easter, May is a time where all things really do seem new and our Creator, through NATURE, does an incredible job of showing us the newness of life which unfolds in May. It’s a time to finish things up and start the next new thing.

Our rhododendron bud begins the process of spreading its wings.
A little closer to blooming, , rhododendrons have long been mainstays of late spring because of their spectacular clusters of showy blooms and large green leaves that last through the winter.
This one is nearly in full bloom now!
Last week, I had to rescue this scared, little bunny from our dog, Mocha’s teeth. Thankfully, he was not injured beyond repair as he slowly rejoined his family in the bushes.

Homes become safe havens for baby birds and other babies who are new in the Spring. Nests are built in wreaths, flowerpots, nearby trees and bushes. May is a time for yard and garage sales and For Sale signs going up in front of some homes where families are ready for something different or a job change has prompted a move to a new location.

Annaclaire hangs out with her cousin, Titus, both now age one.
Picnic Time!
Titus is asking: “What flavor are those fingers, Annaclaire?”

May is a good time to take notice on how quick your little ones are growing right out of the clothes you have for them and how their little toes are cramming into their shoes. To read about the six babies born into our family in 2014, including these two cuties, click here: Carve Your Name On Hearts.

What is on your list for MAY that will help you successfully “finish the drill?”

Do something that makes you smile.

Red geraniums make me happy! I will be planting these soon along with some of my favorite herbs and some bright yellow lantana.

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