Make A Difference: Like Matt Did

11917482_10206049298289057_9045837042042716507_nIt is September first, and that means if you are Facebook friends with Cathy Mintz, you may have already read the following post from this new day:

Matt with his Ma, brother, Quinn, and sis, Mary Cat.

“Please forgive me, but today starts the beginning of

what is to come, October 1, 2011-2015.

Matt on one of his first days of school where his Ma stated he was determined to wear these “way too big” shoes!

 The weather is cooler, the leaves are falling, we are all loving the weather change, admiring the yellow mums blooming, we hear the Harrison band preparing for football, but to me since 2011, this time is only the beginning of a time when so many of us have to remember our Buddy, our son, grandson, brother, nephew, etc. 11951227_10206049309729343_1455352024602496_nHis shoes are now empty and he can no longer wear his favorite UNC hat, this has all been exchanged for wings, a white robe and barefooted. I know some people will ask, what is the big deal, it is only 4 years on Oct. 1. To me as his Ma, every year counts. All I ask, is that you don’t try to judge until you have walked in this Mother’s shoes and traveled down the road our family and soooo many of Matt’s friends have traveled. 11930964_10206049309769344_3892482128690387042_oWe have all learned so much, some are making a difference in others lives, some are chasin’ their dreams like Matt wanted them to, some are still trying to accept that their best friend is really gone from this world, etc. But together we are all doing well and we will keep keeping Matt’s name alive and kicking, just like he lived life.

Please hug your children every single chance you get,

you never know when it might be your last tight hug.

God bless us all as we enter into the next few weeks. 11222072_10206049311929398_5476076784588587602_nPlease feel free to use any on my photos for your cover page or anywhere. Lets show how much we love and miss him by changing our cover photo. Matt,Quinn and Mary Cat’s Ma
— with Matt Dyas.”

Cathy, thanks for showing us all how we can still “CHOOSE to live with JOY” even amidst missing someone sooooo much!

From the first few days after hearing of Cathy’s University of West Georgia student, Matt’s passing, she has encouraged all who knew him to Make A Difference Like Matt Did. Together we can change the world in the memory of this fine young man who left us far too soon. Read about just one of the ways Matt’s Mom, Dad, brother, and sister, and countless friends are making a difference each year in Matt Dyas’ memory here: 18 Holes of Golf and 1,000 Sandwiches. I am personally grateful to this Scholarship Fund for making a donation for my upcoming mission trip to Rio de Janeiro October 30- November 8, 2015. These monies will be used to minister to young students in an impoverished part of Rio.

Cathy and her long-time friend, Kim at the 2015 Matt Dyas Memorial Tournament.

How will you and I make a positive

difference today, like Matt did?

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