Eight Ways to Get Ready For Spring

Female Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis) on a stump

Adorable cute bird sitting on a tree singing, chirping, tweeting about spring. Vintage retro background in minimalist style.

[pullquote]“I trust in nature for the stable laws of beauty and utility. Spring shall plant and autumn garner to the end of time.
Robert Browning[/pullquote]

While it may not feel much like it where you are, today,  March 20th, marks the first day of Spring. As I was sitting in my car waiting for a friend yesterday, I started thinking about ways I could get ready for Spring. This time last year, my mind was like a beam, looking ahead to March 29, 2014, the day our first born would marry her best friend. I don’t think I even noticed the first day of Spring in 2014. And this year, with our dear friend’s recent loss, I want more than ever to find Spring in my days. Here are a few ways I will choose to get ready for Spring:

(1) LISTEN to the birds. As I was sitting in my car yesterday, with my windows down, it occurred to me how loud the birds were singing. They are announcing Spring to us. Will I stop and listen to their singing? Will I pay attention to the bright colors of their wings?

(2) WEAR a bright scarf over a white t-shirt. it is amazing how the vivid colors can lift my spirits and help me to “Think Spring”.

(3) BREATHE. This sounds so obvious, but do I take time for deep breathing in my day? Try this:


Breathe in
through your nose,

for a count of FOUR.Woman breathing deep in spring or summer

Hold for a full count of

Breathe out
through your mouth
for a full count of EIGHT,
your lungs.


(4) Take a walk, if only for a few minutes. [pullquote] I am going to try to pay attention to the spring. I am going to look around at all the flowers and look up at the trees. I am going to close my eyes and listen.” Anne Lamott (a favorite author of mine, 1954-)[/pullquote]IMG_2333IMG_0284

(5) Have coffee outside with a friend.

Teenage Girls Drinking at Bar

(6) Eat meals outside whenever possible.father and daughter eating together at barbecue cookout

(7) Wake up a few minutes early in order to have time for 4-7-8 and

a chance to listen out for the birds announcing Spring.


“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. 

Don’t go back to sleep.”  Rumi (1207-1273)


girl yawning

(8) Keep a running list of things I am grateful for as I reflect on the meaning of Easter.


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