3 Things To Consider

One of Dr. Rick Gray’s lasting legacy will be the way he treated all people with love and respect, regardless of their position. He was kind, friendly, and always smiling. Though his illness was challenging, he found great comfort in spending time with family and friends. Above all, he was committed to his family and made sacrifices in order to spend time with them.

Whether things are sailing smoothly or the bottom has dropped out, He is always trustworthy. You can count on the Almighty God to keep His everlasting Word.” Charles Stanely

Click on each reference below to read a few scripture verses that Rick asked the Pastor to share at his Celebration of Life Service held on March 26, 2015: Isaiah 26:3, Psalm 46:10, and John 14:27.

Click here to see a brief You Tube video explaining the story behind the song, It Is Well With My Soul. Thom Gray, Rick’s brother  sang this familiar song so beautifully at his brother’s service yesterday.

A book that has helped me so much when I have experienced grief and loss is A Grace Disguised: How The Soul Grows Through Loss, By, Dr. Gerald L. Sittser. You may want to have a copy sent to you by clicking here.

2014 was definitely a whirlwind year for us. This time last year, we were making plans to attend Scott and Leah’s Rehearsal Dinner, 6 weeks from our son’s college graduation day, and only 11 weeks away from Walker and Jessica’s wedding day. We also celebrated the births of 6 new great nieces and nephews in 2014!

With Wedding and Graduation season upon us once again, these memorable occasions cause us to consider more than ever, the benefits and blessings of our days, along with the rapidity of LIFE! Weddings and graduations mixed with new babies…picture after glorious picture of how quickly these little ones are flourishing, really do cause us to ponder the gifts in our lives.

New Mommy, Kelly, with Layton Marie, born 11/28/14. Layton is the granddaughter of Debbie and Russell who I went to Druid Hills High School with.    : )
Layton, now four months old and ready for the beach.
OUR Georgia Girl: Layton Marie, born 11/28/14.

Adding recent passings of some very important people in our journey, along with Celebration of Life services, causes even more musing. This reminds me of a quote I heard at Walker’s graduation commencement last year, giving us three things to consider.

Our Men: Scott, our son-in-law, DAD, and Walker, our  son. Love Them!

Graduations are like weddings and funerals because they make us think of three things:

1-Where we’ve been.

2-Where we are today.

3-Where we are going.”

David Iglesias-Commencement Address May 2014 Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois

Our community celebrated the life of one of our physicians yesterday and hundreds gathered at North Metro Church here in Marietta, Georgia to pay tribute to a life well lived. Dr. Rick Gray, a local Oncologist, just barely age 59, passed away peacefully on March 23, 2015 with his family at his bedside from complications of bladder cancer. A few remarks that were shared at Dr. Gray’s service coincide with the above three things:

~Our grief speaks to how much the deceased was loved.

~How are you stewarding this gift called YOU?

~The intersections of our lives have connected us with this much loved deceased one.

~The more we invest in a deep friendship, the sweeter it becomes.

~And finally, a life lesson his Dad taught him, which Michael Gray, Rick’s oldest son, bravely shared with the congregation: “Life is sweeter when we put aside fear and doubt, replacing it with LOVE.”

All of this leaves behind a question for you and for me:

“As I walk through my days, how am I being a  strong steward of this gift

called ‘YOU’ and ‘ME’?”


Click here for lyrics to the song shared by Rick’s brother.


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