10 Ways To Savor This Moment

Scott holds Precious Peyton Thomas, born June 15, 2015.
Scott holds precious Peyton Thomas, born June 15, 2015.

I have many friends who have recently told me either “my baby started preschool, started elementary school/middle school/high school,” or “is headed to college,” or “my last one has finished college.”

Many others are celebrating brand new children, like baby Peyton pictured above, or welcoming beautiful new grandchildren. Peyton has brought many changes to the lives of parents Kayla and Steven.

A boy on the playground of his school with a backpak

All of these are big milestones, which I’ve experienced, too…a new baby, sending #1 of two children to kindergarten, the “baby” graduating high school, then college, and on and on. After pouring myself into being the best MOM I could be, even with the countless ups and downs, the multiple mistakes I made, I wouldn’t trade a thing for the chance to be a Mother.

One thing I know for sure, though, is that every Mom needs caring for, too!

Young Teen girl entering High School 2

Though not a mom herself, Oprah Winfrey has often said: “Being a Mom is the toughest job in the world if you are doing it right.” I agree! Especially if you really care a lot about the grown-up results of your efforts.

Still when these milestones, these changes in our role as a Mom come up, perhaps like my experience, there may be times you feel a little lost, or you might even struggle a bit with where your identity is if the new season means your child or children don’t need you as much as they did in the years that have gone by.

I’ve mostly attempted to look at these seasons, these milestones, as working myself out of a job. And to me, that’s a very good and healthy way to see these important times in our journey. I have come to believe in the importance of allowing our children to spread their wings, guard against our possible tendency to hover and being a “helicopter Mom.”

I LOVE the gift shop in Cracker Barrel!

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge you are never alone.”  Audrey Hepburn 

I believe this may be a splendid opportunity to look inside and be our own kind of beautiful!

Following are ten things you might consider doing when a season of big change, especially during Motherhood, comes along:

  • Ramp up your exercise and drink more water.
  • Visit the Public Library to hang out, research a subject you are curious about, or to read quietly.
  • Rest.
  • Schedule a power walk, a picnic, or coffee with a girlfriend.
  • Find a job or hobby which you feel passionate about.
  • Volunteer-Ministering to those in your path. Here is a list to get you started and you can also check the Resources Page at the top of Pages From Joan.
    from Savor This Moment: Embracing the Goodness in Everyday Life, By, Karla Dornacher
  • Take a few minutes out for a nice bubble bath with SPA or CLASSICAL music playing in the background.
    from Savor This Moment: Embracing the Goodness in Everyday Life, By, Karla Dornacher
  • Meditate on the Word and Pray for God to order your day. Consider joining a small Bible Study Group through your church or neighborhood. Pray for your children, your grandchildren and other children in your sphere of influence. Here is a short prayer to get you started:
    from Savor This Moment: Embracing the Goodness in Everyday Life, By, Karla Dornacher
  • Send short notes, letters, or cards to out-of-town family or friends.
  • Take a few minutes to PAMPER YOURSELF now and then! Only you know what that means for you.  And if you still have school children in your home, doing this will make you better able to face the afternoon when that bewitching hour of 2:30-3:30 comes…that time when you best be ready to drive carpools, help with HW, have snacks & supper for a certain number of hungry folks and on and on. And don’t forget bedtime story time, as referenced in one of my latest blog posts: Spiders, Oh MY

You may be brainstorming about some things

to add to my “Savor This Moment”

list I have come up with

about the changing seasons in a Mom’s life.

If so, please leave a comment here or on my

Pages From Joan Facebook Page so

that we can have as many ideas as possible

for Mommies in all seasons of their journey.

IMG_5081IMG_5085THIS post reminds me of a favorite song, click here to listen.

“Time goes by-We’re movin’on”

“There is never a wish better than this!”    “Every Day’s a New Day.”

“Chasing the Years of my Life.”

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